Lakme Invisible Foundation:Review&swatches


What is the first foundation you have ever used?

For me it was and is always Lakme, not because they are the best in the market but I am comfortable with them. I have been using Lakme Invisible Foundation since a year and loved the results, so here we go with its review.


My thoughts: It gives low coverage and is not cakey at all. Gives a nice glow to your face and blends in to the skin like a dream. The only downside is when I smile too much, even the well blended foundation settles in to my smile lines and in to my fine lines around my eyes.


  • Blends well and feels invisible and lite
  • Gives healthy glow to the face
  • Doesn’t feel cakey and is enough hydrating


  • Settles in to smile lines and fine lines around eyes (when smiled too much, so may have to fake the half smiles all the way when you apply this ;) )

Price: 185/- for 25ml


Rating: 4/5 or A


Shades: 6

Sawtch, unblended and blended

Sawtch, unblended and blended

Recommendation: If you are looking for easily blendable foundation that is absolutely invisible on your skin and blends well, you will love this foundation. 

P.S: One of the best reasons why I love this foundation is the nice glow it imparts to my skin and show me one damsel who says no to the glow ;p

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